The Beginning:

Cover The Beginning by Pablo Lara H

This is where it all started.


Going Home:

Going Home Cover Illustration by Pablo Lara H

It can be a long trip…


Bi-Polar bear

oso bi polar_600px

Half teddy, half Kodiak.


Still Doin’ It

Cover Still Doin it - Bob DiGiacomo

Never give up!


I Dare You


Really, go ahead, do it!


Garage Band


Sometimes you just gotta turn it up to 11.



December Blues:

For when it gets cold outside…


So What:

Even though this is a cover, it really nails the essence of Splinter Cell. Go hard or go home!


Como El Agua

Like water flowing from the mountains streams into the oceans.


Tus Pies Te Guian

Wherever your feet may take you…



Get Naked!



This song is what happened to Rubber Skunk when a full moon came out!


The Skunk

The signature song, some funky skunkiness from Rubber Skunk


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