Musician’s Corner Part VII

Musician’s Corner Part VII

Locrian mode is the last in the series of modes based off of the major scale. This will wrap up our analysis of these seven basic modes, but don’t worry; the conversation gets deeper from here. Using the information from the three relationships we will be able to transfer these modes and scales to different keys. We will also analyze chords and see how each mode matches up to a certain chord. First, let’s take a look at B Locrian.

B Locrian Scale



Derivation from C major:

Relationship #1:


Thus, the formula for Locrian:


Relationship #2, scale degree and interval from root:


The chart showing the derivation of intervals between each scale degree:


Relationship #3, relation to root of the key:

(Click on the image to enlarge)



Although this may appear to conclude our discussion of the modes, it does not. The last seven editions of The Musician’s Corner have shown what each mode is and where it comes from, but it hasn’t told us how to use them yet. In the next installment we will begin to discuss chords. Once we have covered their derivation we will be able to come back to the modes and apply them over the chords. Stay tuned!

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