Errol and Fidel, the Musical

Errol and Fidel, the Musical

After a successful album release at the end of June, my latest endeavor is playing bass for an up and coming musical called Errol and Fidel. It will be part of the 2017 New York Musical Festival. We had two excellent rehearsals over the last two days and these performances are going to be a lot of fun. Check out the images for more details.

One adventure, two heroes. Something’s gotta give.
Cuba, 1958: Revolution is in the air! In his final year Errol Flynn has one last adventure. The dashing star of so many Hollywood blockbusters yearns to be a real hero, and Fidel Castro fits the bill. What Fidel craves is fame, and who better than Errol to show him how? At the height of the revolution an explosive encounter beckons – fueled by envy, lust, and vanity – with a mysterious woman calling the tune. Or could the CIA really be pulling the strings? Who knew revolution could be so much fun?


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