The Musician’s Corner


My website is still very much in the process of growing. I have come to realize that it is a living and breathing entity, something I might compare to a plant. When your plants don’t get enough water or sunlight they wither and die. I am trying to nourish my website and give it enough water so that it can grow big and strong. The sunlight is my readers, so hopefully a little water will attract a little bit of sunlight.
When I visit other websites that focus on music, I usually am left with a feeling of wanting. The information found is entertaining and somewhat interesting, but I always feel like there are questions left unanswered. My biggest question when listening to a musician that I truly admire is “How did he/she do that?” My ego would like to think that there is someone out there who listens to my music and is asking the same question., so I am going to attempt to answer it. Be warned, this discussion could get highly technical so if you are not a musician you could get lost or bored. But if you are a musician who is looking for some insight into how another player approaches it, or you are simply an inquisitive, explorative listener I think I have a lot to offer.
The Musician’s Corner will be a series of brief discussions based around my approach to harmony and music theory. As time passes, I may branch out, but I think this is a great place to start. Once, a drummer that I was playing with brought his 6 or 7 year-old son to a rehearsal of ours. My friend Dan Puccio was playing the sax and this little kid was engrossed in what Dan was playing. At the end of rehearsal he asked his father, “Dad, how does he know which notes to play?” That question made me laugh, but it really does get to the heart of playing an instrument. How DO you know which notes to play? Well, I am going to attempt to answer that question here in the Musician’s Corner.

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