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From A Dream literally began as a dream that came to me early one morning. In this dream I experienced a feeling of relentless determination, but also resolution and peacefulness. Luckily, there was a piano riff accompanying all of that somehow. Most of the time an idea like that is lost once I wake up, but luckily, this time I was able to grasp on to it long enough to break through into consciousness. I rushed to the piano in my underwear, sat down, and sketched out the basic idea for the title track From A Dream.
From this kernel of an idea I collected songs, some new, some quite old, some deconstructed and built anew that produced in me the same types of feelings that I had experienced in this dream during those pre-dawn hours. You will find that I have allowed these songs be longer. Waking up from an unresolved dream can be maddening, as can cutting a song short before it has had a chance to fully develop. I encourage you, the listener, to take a deep dive and give these songs some time to develop during listening. Sometimes they will change pace just when you least expect it and take you somewhere completely new and fresh, just like a profound and emotionally resonant dream can.
Fundamentally, this album represents my most complete attempt yet to express with music that which I cannot with words. These 8 songs truly have brought my dreams to reality. I sincerely hope these songs will resonate with you, the listener, as much as they have with me and that you will be able to feel the intensity of hope, longing, energy, excitement, resolution, and peace that this music has brought to me. Thank you so much for allowing me to share this with you.

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Forthcoming official release of From A Dream

New Cover Hint: part of the new Bob Di Giacomo's album From a Dream


Less than two weeks to go! Bob DiGiacomo is about to free another batch of musical madness upon the world. Who would put that much distortion on a guitar solo in today’s musical climate? Bob could. Who would put screaming baritone sax on a hard rock tune? Bob would. Who would put multiple bass solos on an album and have the audacity to (gasp!) let the solos stretch out? Bob did.
Find out what all the fuss is about on November Saturday, 17th.
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Soon Official Release of From A Dream


We are now just under 3 weeks away from the official release of From A Dream, the second full length release by rock/prog/fusion luminary Bob DiGiacomo. Is luminary too strong? How about veteran? No, ok how about battle-scarred trench warrior? Too much? Let’s just say The guy has played some bass… and some guitar… and some keyboards…

You be the judge on November 17th 2018. Stay tuned for more info.

A hint of the new cover:

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New Album: About Time

About Time is Bob DiGiacomo’s first full length release and features four never before released tracks including Let’s Get Started, Gone But Not Forgotten, Stone, and How About That. The remaining seven tracks have seen the light of day before, but not like this. Everything has gone into the shop for repairs, upgrades, fine tuning, and a shiny, new coat of wax. Organ and Rhodes piano parts were redone, live drums were added, mixes were rebalanced, and everything was completely remastered to get it to the same level of fit and finish as the new songs.

The album opens with two high energy rockers Still Doing’ It, and I Dare You. Next, Let’s Get Started puts us in a funky mood while Gone But Not Forgotten takes us right back to the 70’s. After that the archives were opened to showcase two live recordings (The Beginning and Going Home) which were recorded all the way back in 2004. Stone climbs to the high energy mid point of the album which then gives way to a peaceful Six Months that let’s us regain our bearings. How About That and Garage Band hit us hard once again before Sad Waltz invites us to breathe deep and let it all sink in.

Even though Bob composed, recorded, mixed, and played the majority of the instruments on About Time, the album also features a multitude of talented collaborators. Drum tracks were contributed by Seth Earnest, John Doing, Emmet VanEtten, Daniel Tait, and Tommy Mintel. Horns were played by Mark Morgan, Craig Young, and Dan Puccio leading the Sweet&Low Horns. Additional keyboards were performed by Adam Ahuja and T.A. Williams. Katy Gunn and Adam Maalouf contributed violin and cello, respectively. Rounding out this cast of characters is Kuba Kujawa, who played guitar on all of the live tracks. Finally, the album was mastered by Robert Honablue.

The compositions that appear on About Time are ultimately products of Bob’s imagination. They represent the world, not as it is, but as it could be. Even though the world is filled with so much wonderful music, there is still a vast potential that has not been realized. About Time lays the foundation for this new conception and asks the listener to use the fond memories of the past as a foundation to create a beautiful new future.


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